Difference Between Travel Insurance and Health Insurance


Looking for peace of mind for your vacation and discovered that there was a difference between travel insurance, travel assistance and health insurance? Do not worry, here we tell you the difference between these modalities and which is the best option. Also Check out: A Right place for mystifying experiences

What is Travel Insurance?

The travel insurance is a service that assists the traveler to cope with contingencies that may arise before, during or after the trip.

It is the guarantee that you will be protected in any eventuality, be it health problems, such as medical examinations, or problems related to the trip, such as lost luggage and many other assists.

What is Health Insurance?

Your health only encompasses health-related issues such as consultations and hospitalizations, excluding all other travel-related situations such as lost baggage and cancellation of flights – and that’s the big difference between travel insurance and health insurance.

It functions as an international health plan, with care restricted only to medical, pharmaceutical and dental emergencies.

Travel insurance x health insurance: what is the best option?

Because it is more limited, health insurance is not the most recommended for travelers, since unforeseen can happen in different ways, and not only with regard to health.

What is the difference between travel insurance and travel assistance?

Similar names could cause confusion, but today it is important to remember that travel insurance and travel assistance are the same product.

The big difference between the two products was that the travel insurance, when triggered, directed the insured to go to the doctor, pay with his own money and request the refund when he returned to Brazil, keeping all the necessary proofs.

The travel assistance, on the other hand, sent the traveler to an agreed clinic and paid the expenses, without the person having to pay his own money. After the changes in the marketing of travel insurance, the insurance was joined with the assistance.

Now, you can buy your travel insurance that encompasses both products – and will have care for both health-related problems and travel problems. So, you can choose to be served by the accredited network without having to use your own money or go to your preferred location and then be reimbursed.