Book Tours to Bhutan – A Right place for mystifying experiences

Bhutan is a country with beautiful and mystic landscapes and natural sceneries, popular all around the world. This country has historic monuments which define its culture and traditions. Bhutan has one of the best wildlife conservation policies.

All the conservation zones are interconnected by protected biodiversity lanes. Due to the isolation of Bhutan from rest of the world till 1960, much of its culture and tradition remained intact.

Cultural tours in Bhutan

Cultural tourism is the most popular form of tourism in Bhutan. Many of the Bhutan tours provide this tourism option. Generally, this program lasts for about 4 days.

There are various aspects of Bhutan that are covered in these tour programs. Rich culture and traditions are the biggest assets for this country.

The people of Bhutan take pride in their historic culture. They protect and respect the ancient monuments like temples and forts.

Festival tours in Bhutan

Festival tourism is another most popular form. There are many festivals held in the country of Bhutan. Some of these festivals are short and some last for many days. There are a lot of festivals celebrated throughout the year. Most Bhutan tours provide you with the packages for viewing some of these festivals and taking part in them. Usually, a traditional dance is a part of every festival. In fact, many festivals are celebrated based on the dancers available.

Importance of the Bhutan trip

The experience of travelling to Bhutan leaves a deep impact on your mind. Bhutan has splendid assets in the form of exotic mountains with beautiful birds and hills of this country.

Bhutan tours are an excellent place to go to for adventure tourism. Here, you get value for money pleasure and thrills which stick with you for a lifetime.

Bhutan has Himalayan Mountains to its north. The country shares major part of its boundary with India.

The country follows a monarchy and the king is supreme commander. Modernization took place in Bhutan and technology improved during 1990’s. Previously, the Government of Bhutan controlled tourism industry.

Tourism industry in Bhutan

Due to the environmental concerns and the changes that can be caused by large number of tourists, Bhutan decided to promote higher quality of tourism. This substantially reduced the number of tourists but improved the quality.

But during 1993, the entire tourism industry was privatized. A number of touring agencies operate today in Bhutan. You can also book your Bhutan tour from 

Celebration in the country

Bhutan celebrates a lot of events as a part of its culture. Miss Bhutan is an annually held beauty contest which is conducted by MPC Bhutan Entertainment based in Thimpu.

There are a lot of local festivals called Tsechus held in various parts of Bhutan. These festivals display a rich culture and tradition along with entertainment. Various kinds of Dances are performed during these festivals.

Each festival generally lasts for 3 to 4 days and every day, different kinds of traditional dances are performed. The Bhutanese people are friendly and helpful.

One can have variety of tours here. Adventure tourism and Cultural tourism are the most important kinds of tourism in Bhutan. One can have an unforgettable experience by going to Bhutan tours.

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5 Reasons to Travel to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is considered one of the best destinations in Latin America. And fool who thinks that it is those places that just go once to meet and ready. Believe it: every trip to Machu Picchu, there will surely be new discoveries and even more charm.

If you are still not convinced of the plethora of attractions that the lost city of the Incas has to offer, check out this post we have prepared and see 5 reasons to backpack :

1. Each season of the year, a new city
It is difficult to define the best season because there are many variables that can influence according to the profile of the traveler. But, every season of the year, the impression is that the city has a new face.

From November to March
Although it is summer in the southern hemisphere, rain is constant in the region of Machu Picchu. But it’s not something that would disrupt the walk: with a raincoat or jacket and waterproof shoes, you are prepared to face the water.

The rainy weather creates haze, which gives an air of mystery to the landscapes of the ruins. In addition, the period is low season. So, it is ideal for those who prefer to make the trails with more peace and still save on the tours, which are cheaper.

It is necessary to be attentive, because in February the Inca Trail closes for maintenance, but there are alternatives to do the tour.

March and May
It’s already mid season, but prices are still below normal. There is little rain and the city is not usually so crowded. It’s a great time to take this trip.

June and August
It’s the high season. Those who choose the period have to prepare to spend more money and face the busy attractions – Machu Picchu usually receives at least 3,000 people a day in those months.

It is advisable to guarantee entry to the Inca Trail at this time up to 6 months in advance. The advantage of this season is that the weather will be dry, with sunny days, but the nights are usually quite cold.

September to October
The movement falls again to the rhythm of half season. The climate varies, with times of drought and rain, and prices remain medium.

2. Impressive Landscapes
With so much beauty present in Machu Picchu, it is no wonder that the ancient Andean city of Peru is one of the seven wonders of the world. The architectural creations impress anyone, especially when the eyes are in front of the genius of the Inca creations.

It is difficult to imagine how man was able to build all those monuments in a mountainous region, difficult to reach, on the banks of an abyss.

It is impossible not to question how the giant stone blocks were transported to the top of the mountain to form the temples there. But the atmosphere of the place is exactly like that, with a lot of history, spirituality and covered with mysteries.

Among the many ruins, temples and magnificent architectures to admire, the main attractions of the region are the Inca Trail, Temple of the Sun, Huayna Picchu, Temple of the Condor and Temple of the Moon.

The Inca Trail is the most popular route that visitors take to get to the mountains. The eyes of those who walk there cling to the natural panorama of snow-capped mountains, incredibly preserved ruins and the fusion of heaven and earth between the forest that surrounds the region.

The temples of the Sun, the Condor and the La Luna always surprise by the symbolisms and, mainly, by the architectural beauties.

Huayna Picchu is the famous mountain that overlooks Machu Picchu. Besides the incredible sight, its top counts with ruins that impress as much as all the surrounding landscape.

3. Gastronomy not to be missed
The lost city of the Incas is at 2,430 meters of altitude. This can generate vertigo or a hunger ravenous to those who cross the tracks. Then, when the desire to eat appears, be calm, because the Peruvian cuisine will not let anyone in the hand.

The typical dishes of the country are: ceviche, composed of raw fish, or shrimp, marinated with lemon juice; corn soup: a la criolla soup, made with meat, milk, onion, garlic, pepper, bread and oregano; rocoto (stuffed pepper); Alpaca on the grill (of the family of llamas); cuy to the oven (a kind of preá); kapche cheese – cream cheese; chicharrón with mote (torresmo); and the maize – tamal and humitae recipes.

For drinking, you can not fail to taste Pisco Sour, a very typical Peruvian drink that is a kind of liqueur with lemon, grape, egg white and cinnamon. If you prefer something without alcohol, know chicha morada – a drink with purple corn – and Inka Cola, the most popular Peruvian soda.

For the Bohemians, the beer choices are very good, cheap and quality. The most requested are Cusqueña, Cristal and Arequipeña.

For those who do not dispense a dessert, the options are delicious: bolo con sorvete, sigh of Lima and white delicacy.

You also should not miss the opportunity to taste the local fruits. It has chirimoya (a kind of creamy apple), lucuma (similar to walnut) and tuna (the fleshy part of a type of cactus).

4. Handicrafts on all sides
One of the riches of the country that conquers the tourist is the handicraft. In all corners you can find ponchos, embroidered fabrics, accessories, bags and souvenirs with colors and striking features of the country.

The strength of handicrafts in Peru is due to the fact that this is the source of income of many natives.

5. Economic transport options
To get to Machu Picchu, you can go by bus or train. From hour to hour, buses leave Águas Calientes to the lost city of the Incas. The value is on average USD $ 12 and the trip takes about 30 minutes.

For those who are willing

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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Disney

Stroll in the “Mickey’s house”, visit Cinderella castle, adventure in the extreme toys, watch unforgettable spectacles and visit one of the most famous destinations in the world! There are many reasons to travel to Disney : an enchanted place full of magic and surprises for you and your family from start to finish.

But if you are still in doubt about this tour, we have separated 5 reasons why you should know this amazing place! Followers

1. Revive the fantasies of childhood
Whether you or your children , surely all family members have had their childhood marked by some Disney character. The iconic Mickey, Snow White, Shrek or the latest Frozen Princesses: Orlando’s parks feature attractions from all of them!

There are incredible spectacles that take place in the parks – parades, musicals and presentations on holiday dates. All thought in the smallest details, but with a greatness to impress : carriages, princesses, parades in open cars and many fireworks capable of thrilling anyone!

To complete it, it is possible to cross with the characters walking through the parks. It is literally the fulfillment of childhood dream!

2. Impress yourself with the best service in the world
The services at Disney parks are impeccable , everything was planned to delight and impress.

Magic Kingdom, for example, has a network of “invisible” tunnels for visitors, known as “utilities”, which carry out laundry, office and even employee feeding services. All this so as not to spoil the enchantment of tourists.

Also, you will hardly see anyone collecting garbage or doing maintenance in the parks. There is a system of dump pipes that run under the ground and maintenance is done only when the site is closed.

3. Enjoy an enchanted gastronomy
As well as other aspects, Disney also offers a personalized and character-inspired cuisine. In each park there are themed restaurants, with unique options such as Mickey’s waffle, but there are also traditional options such as hamburger, pizza, popcorn and even full meals. Everything to offer the visitor a complete and unforgettable experience.

In addition, there is the possibility of having meals with the characters. Just imagine, having breakfast or dinner with the Goofy class?

4. Traveling to Disney is back to being a child in the parks
You may not even be a fan of adventures and parks, but at Disney everything has a different charm . There are endless attractions and there are toys to suit all tastes!

The attraction inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean – is in the Magic Kingdom – is one of the most sought after. In it, you enter a “boat” and venture into “high seas”. There’s also Mickey’s incredible 4D movie and Mad Tea Party, inspired by the movie Beauty and the Beast.

The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, which sits at Hollywood Studios, takes you to almost 100km / h in 2 seconds! In the same park, there is the famous Tower of Terror, with the elevator that descends from a height of approximately 13 floors!

At Animal Kingdom, the Everest Expedition is guaranteed excitement! Already in Epcot, considered the “park of the future”, you will find a wing divided by countries, which gives the sensation of being around the world. It’s also where the iconic “giant ball” – one of Disney’s symbols – Spaceship Earth, within which you travel in the history of the planet!

5. Disconnect from reality
As we have said, when traveling to Disney, you will live unforgettable days and magical moments. The experience is so different from everything we know, that the tourist basically disconnects from the real world to live the dreams designed by Walt Disney.

It’s a unique opportunity to really relax and enjoy the family, without worrying about the “real world” problems.

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